House of Indulgence Photography: Blog en-us (C) Steward Noack for House of Indulgence (House of Indulgence Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT House of Indulgence Photography: Blog 90 120 Intimate Apparel Corsets with Deux Lunes My recent client Deux Lunes contacted me to photograph their look book and advertising images for their Winter Collection. I worked with the head designer Kirk Whitmer to get the understanding and look he wanted to convey for his line. The collaborative pre-production process was really exciting and a lot of fun. Working with Kirk was blast. The day of the shoot was long. All my gear was packed and my assistant Pete and I traveled to Brooklyn to meet with the rest of the crew and then traveled down to New Hope Pennsylvania for our location shoot. We missed the morning light but made up for it with the locations and clothing. The model was amazing with her thoughtful fashion faces while hiding the fact we are all cold with the fall/winter weather. Through it all the entire team was amazing and we were able to create some outstanding images at the farm house. Seeing each department bring their "A game" and making these shots so amazing was such a great experience. The day was long and hard but the team made it look easy and everything flowed so smoothly. I could not have asked for better on a location shoot.

Check out the screen capture from the website of  Also the final photos from our intimate apparel fashion shoot. There are some really innovative designs. Some based on classic corsetry and others that take it to a new level and thought process.

Designer: Kirk Whitmer   |   Hair: Mika Mitamura   |   Makeup: Jessica Holz

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Wanderlust Festival 108 in Brooklyn I had my second year photographing the Wanderlust Festival as it came to NYC. This year it was in Brooklyn at Prospect Park. It was a day filled with fitness, fun and education. The yoga classes were amazing and so were all the teachers and special guest speakers. Jake Laub, the photo director for the festival, tasked me with covering the 5K run. It was the first year they were doing a mini marathon run and they wanted some good images to help promote it. Luckily I had my 70-200 f2.8 lens with me to get some good photo coverage. It was a lot of fun and I loved the happiness and smiles on all the people as they started the run as well as towards the end. Take a look at some of what I captured.



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Wanderlust Festival NYC Yoga In The Park at the 2013 Wanderlust Festival in NYC

I had the pleasure to experience the and photograph the participants at the Wanderlust festival this year on the west side of Manhattan. There were so many yoga enthusiasts and practitioners that attended. There were several large class groups through out the day. Some people came for one class while others attended all of the classes.

I have photographed yoga in a studio setting many times. It is easy to concentrate on one person and get the pose and form correct. But being in an outdoor setting with so many people was very different. The challenge was great. It was nice to see my skills and way of seeing applied well to this photographic situation. I was happy with the results. Even taking 300+ photos I had a good 100 that I felt were very strong. I picked my shots and kept the surroundings in mind the entire time I was there.

Overall it was a great experience. The people at Wanderlust were great. They accommodated me and got me a bracelet/press pass so I could walk around move freely. I also gotta say the free samples of food and drink from the vendors was pretty fantastic too. Sadly I was so busy I only got to enjoy that part towards the end of the 6 hour shoot day.

Here are some of the shots from that day. =)


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Website Updated Hello again. Or should I say hello to the first time on the new revamped website. There have been many changes since the last time. For one this blog is new. It will allow me to better keep people updated on what I am doing and learning. The website has some new portfolio galleries as well as expanded portfolio galleries. I have been shooting so much more in the last year and have really expanded what I have been doing.

Right of the bat you will notice the website address has changed a bit. The word "the" has been removed from the old "The House of Indulgence". This is basically due to the web domain becoming free. I guess the old burning man group the used to own the name for their camp burned out and faded away.

My concentration on Fitness and Lingerie photography are still strong. I have been photographing more yoga images as well as athletes. Some great opportunities to photograph professional wrestlers and boxers allowed me to explore some new territory with my camera. Plus to bring those athletes into my world of lighting and seeing. The lingerie work I have been doing is more set driven and more mood based. The clean catalog look is still a favorite of mine but being able to work with the model and create an intimate setting with sculpted light really gets me going. I am very proud of the newer work I have created.

The signature dark, moody light sculpted images are all over my work. I did pull some specifically to their own gallery. Sometimes a project does not allow to be driven by sculpted light alone. So I chose to make a gallery that was strictly filled with images that reflect my dark lighting look. I find it funny that I use more lights to create this look than any other. Film Noir is a big influence on me and I have studied how they use several lights to illuminate specific areas of a scene to create the mood they desire.

Another new portfolio has been the "Photoshop Composite" gallery. This is a gallery I am really excited about. I have been using my new found skills to create some killer images that I totally love! Back when I was in art school I always wanted to be a book cover illustrator. It is in my blood. I have done photo shoots for DVD movie cases and printed novels before. This is the first time I have put several images together into a final composited image. It has been really great to flex my old art school illustration skills and put together a "painting" with photo elements.

Take some time and cruise through the galleries and see what is new. It has been quite the experience to review my catalog of photos and pick the best of the best. New clients and new jobs have allowed me to really build my work and collaborate on some great new photos. Every assignment allows me to learn and grow by working with my client and bringing their vision to life. I am a firm believer that we are the sum of the people we meet. Luckily for me I have met and worked wit some really awesome people.


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Photoshop Composite Seminar I went to the Ben Willmore's Photographic Artistry with Adobe Photoshop full day seminar recently. Wow! That seminar was pretty awesome! Now there were plenty of things that I had learned over time reading the NAPP magazine but this seminar brought a lot of it together for me. It was great to see all the different techniques that Ben uses when putting several elements together into one single composited image. It was nice to get confirmation and validation on techniques that I was currently using. The new techniques for some of his methods were pretty cool. Ben showed how to accomplish some tasks in a quick and easy way. The best part was being given a booklet with all the information so I did not have to take lots of notes.

I would totally recommend this class to anyone who uses Photoshop or is a graphic designer. The class was worth every cent and really opens you mind to new possibilities and ideas.


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NAPP Membership renewed I renewed my National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) membership for another three years. I have found being a member of NAPP has greatly increased my post production quality and speed with photography. I am able to manipulate my photos and bring about more closely the initial vision I have in my minds eye than before. I pride myself on doing most of the work in camera. Getting everything right at capture is important to me. Yet Photoshop allows me to be more expressive and bring my work to higher levels. The Photoshop User magazine brings me a wealth of information in every issue. I read them from cover to cover every time.



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