House of Indulgence | About
The House of Indulgence Photographic Studio is the banner that Steward Noack works under to create his photography. He works hard to bring to life the vision the client wants to create. By working in a collaborative atmosphere and by combining the client's creative abilities with his own, Steward crafts images that go beyond the project. This effort of bringing in multiple talents is what the House of Indulgence is all about.

Steward Noack creates dramatic, clean and clear images that strike straight to the heart of the viewer. Through the use of light and shadow, he sculpts the human form into a singular statement shot through with emotion. Sometimes minimalistic, sometimes lush, Steward always urges the viewer to escape dull reality and explore a new vision. Steward views his work with clients as a partnership to give the best solution to the task at hand.

Before coming to photography Steward had an extensive background in illustration, fashion and graphic design. He has had many years of practical experience with color, layout and creative design problem solving. These skills help lend an understanding to his clients needs and search for creative solutions.