Why use impersonal stock photos like everyone else? Don’t be a faceless company using generic people to tell your story. Show exactly the message you want to give and connect with a genuine visual to your core audience. Be the brand. 


More and more people are finding businesses and services online. It can be very impersonal. Having custom created images to tell your genuine story is a way to break through the noise and stand out in the digital landscape. Showing you, your employees, your office and your authenticity let’s people know you care and are invested in them as a customer. 


This is not a typical photo shoot where you show up in your best outfit and strike a few poses. This is several days of planning, meeting, location scouting and detailing what you want so that the photo session matches your needs. Everything is personalized to fit your criteria. No two shoots are the same.


The session will be fun, exciting and rewarding. I will walk you through all the things needed to make is great. I am your business partner for the day helping you make your brand and vision come to life in the photo
  • Several days of pre-planning keeping you in the loop every step of the way. 
  • Wardrobe, location, prop and styling consultation.
  • Dedicated time and date to shoot with in studio, on location or both if needed. 
  • Private online gallery to review your images and select the best one
  • Basic image retouching 
  • Your final edited digital images formatted for the social media platforms you use most. (Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram, Pinterest, your website, etc.)
  • A small selected group of images will be high resolution to be used for printed promotional material and media kits. 


Contact Steward and tell him your brand's story so he can help express it to world.